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Banana Saver is a storage container for bananas on the go...

Banana Saver with Carabiner The Banana Saver food saver
Banana Saver
Our Price: $6.50
Now your favorite Banana Saver is available with a carabiner that easily attaches to the outside of any bag or backpack you carry, so you can conserve more space in your bag.
The Banana Saver is great for backpackers, bikers, children's lunches and all others who simply want to enjoy nature's most perfect food intact.

Tired of beat up, bruised bananas?

This banana storage container is perfect for backpackers, bikers, children's lunch boxes and anyone that simply want to enjoy nature's most perfect food intact, just as it was purchased.

It's small size appeals to sport's enthusiasts. Use it when you go backpacking, bicycling, golfing, climbing and camping or to school or work!

The only banana container available with a popsicle slot for making your favorite frozen banana pops (see recipe page). The Banana Saver uses an approved food grade material.

A banana is a natural remedy for many ills. Order your banana protector today and reap all the benefits of this wonderful fruit!

Made in the USA

“What a great idea! My son loves bananas, but they invariably come home in his lunchbox when packed because they got brown and yukky looking before lunch,"
-Don Brandon, FL

“I wish my that my many banana carrying students would have had your Banana Saver. I'm looking forward to receiving mine."
-Gail Rocky River, OH

“Thanks so much! We saw your ad in Parents Magazine-what a great idea for kids!! My daughters love bananas but taking them to school always mushes them up - this is a GREAT item!!!”
-Jennifer St. Catharines, ON

“I work in a school and so does my daughter. I bought us each one of your banana savers, quite some time ago, and they have generated a lot of interest. Do you sell them in any NY stores yet?"
-Mary New York, NY

“I just ordered a 6 pack of Banana Savers. I love the idea. I am stationed in Okinawa Japan in the Marines. I am very active in marathon, cycling, and triathlon races here...On Dec 3 I will be taking about 200 Marines on their first marathon. I always have them bring bananas and cliff shots. This is not to mention the cycling teams I ride with. The Tour de Okinawa goes on every year as well as other races. As a cyclist, we always carry bananas and we all hate bruised ones. I ride and train nearly 50 riders. Needless to say, quite a market! I'm confident that the local's (Okinawa and Japanese) would be interested as well… Semper Fi"
-Patrick Japan

“As a lifelong bruiser of bananas in the bottom of my backpack, I love the idea of the Banana Saver and already have some. I currently reside in California but will be returning to the UK soon. Are they sold there also?"
-Jeff San Diego, CA

“I really enjoy this product! I've given many, many as gifts! (including one to everyone on my tennis team!) Now I am replenishing the family supply.”
-Jaimie San Francisco, CA

“I can't wait to get your product. I plan on giving one to my boss who finds his bananas bruised in his briefcase when he remembers it's there..."
-Gerry Minneapolis, MN

"Bananas are readily available all over the globe and, since they make a healthy and easy snack, I always pack my Banana Saver when I travel. From Central America to the Middle East, my Banana Saver is racking up a lot of frequent flier miles!"
-Kristina Wegscheider, co-founder of Do It While You’re Young

“My husband saw your product at Mustard Seed Market in Akron. I couldn't believe how excited he was to buy it. He takes a banana to work with him everyday and was tired of bruised bananas. He loves your product! Our daughter was visiting us and spotted it on the kitchen counter and said she wanted one…”
-Irena Chicago, IL