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As a mother of two, I was always looking to pack healthy school lunches for my children, Kate and Alex. However, when I would pack bananas in their lunch, and place their soft-sided lunch bags in book bags, along with heavy schoolbooks, their bananas would get squished and brown, making them inedible. I shopped around for an item that would protect the bananas but I was unable to find anything.

After having no luck, I decided to invent a product that would fix this banana problem. I designed and manufactured the product with the help of local businesses and engineers, and created the Banana Saver. It fits almost all bananas sizes while being only 8 ¼” long. It’s great for anyone who wants to take a banana to go, making it a popular item for sports enthusiasts, backpackers, children, and travelers.

I started Banana Saver in 2005 and it is still 100% manufactured in the USA and packaged at a local sheltered workshop,
but it is now sold all over the world. I hope you enjoy your Banana Saver and no longer have to worry about bruised bananas. I take great pride in my customers being satisfied with the product while having a good experience during the purchasing process.
I truly appreciate the customers who have taken the time to give me feedback and would love hearing from you too!

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Mary Harris
Banana Saver, President