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parents “Is a plastic case for a fruit that comes in its own natural wrappings kind of a weird idea? We thought so, but then we realized how brilliant this little plastic banana holder is-your child will actually eat is dessert at school instead of throwing it away because it got brown and bruise-y in his backpack."
tennis “Bruised Bananas No More! We all know how important bananas are to tennis players but how can we keep them from being destroyed on the way to the court, on the court and so on? Banana Saver keeps a banana in the same Pristine condition as when you put it in your tennis bag.”
bicycling As we all know, cyclists are a special bunch, and some of us are harder to buy holiday gifts for than others. No more bruised bananas or split skins; Slot for popsicle sticks is great for making post-ride treats.”
family "A mom-invented solution to the smashed banana problem

Carrying bananas on the go just got easier! The new Banana Saver comes attached with a carabiner. It’s a perfect gift for the sports enthusiasts in your life that allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas anytime, anywhere!"